Singapore is an island city-state in Southeast of Asia. This place is a global hub in terms of education, healthcare, finance, entertainment, logistics, innovation, tourism, manufacturing and trade, and transport. The city has won many titles like “World’s safest country”, “Second-most competitive country”, “world’s smartest city” and many more. The airline of Singapore named Singapore Airlines is the “World’s Best Airline”.
A tropical rainforest climate is experienced in Singapore with uniform pressure and temperature and no distinctive season. The city faces high humidity and abundant rainfall. The temperature in Singapore generally ranges from 25-35°C. from the months of November to January, a wetter monsoon season is found.
The place is vulnerable to the risk of climate change at the time of rising sea level.
Best time to explore Singapore:
Deciding on what time of the year you should visit Singapore totally depends on whether you want to embrace the crowds and be a part of the fun or you want to relax and avoid busy streets during the festival time. If you want to enjoy the weather in Singapore, prefer visiting this place in the summer months of June, July, and August.
Best destinations to visit in Singapore:
Marina Bay: Exploring the Marina Bay is the most spectacular thing in the city to do. The area revolves around the resort and epic building such as Casino, Science Museum and nightlife and dining option. You can enjoy the light show here at 8 p.m.
Clarke Quay: This area is packed with bars, boutique shops, restaurants and pumping nightclubs that attract a stream of tourist alongside the party animals of Singapore. This is a real bar hopper heaven.
Universal Studios Singapore: This place has more than 20 attractions in themed zones that includes Hollywood, Madagascar, New York, etc.
Famous food to try in Singapore:
Hainanese chicken rice: This is a steamed chicken which is served with rice. Just pour some sauce over the chicken and give it a go.
Chilly Crab: The crabs are cooked in semi-thick gravy with the base of chilly tomato. Bread is also ordered to soak up the gravy.
Char Kuay Teow: This is a white noodle which is served with bean sprouts, black soya sauce, fish cake. Skilled chefs add a smoky taste by cooking noodles at a high temperature.
Fish head curry: Vegetable and a huge fish head is cooked in a curry and is served with rice as well as bread. The juice of tamarind is also added to give a sweet and sour taste.


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