Explore the beauty of Korea with your loved ones:




Korea is a beautiful tourist place situated in East Asia. The region consists of a number of  incredible attractions. The amazing beauty of Korea completely dazzles the viewers. Korea has been divided into two sovereign states: North Korea and South Korea since 1948. Besides viewing and travelling, tourists may explore and know about the Korean literature where one can see a lot of variety. The splendid taste of mouth watering Korean dishes gives pleasure to both mouth and stomach which makes this place worth travelling to.



Best Time to visit Korea:


Korea has four distinct seasons. These include Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. The best time to visit the alluring and breathtaking beauty of Korea is during autumn and spring. While in summers it is very hot and humid, the weather during winters is icy cold and dry. Both these time are inappropriate for travel. Thus, spring and autumn are preferred for travelling to Korea as it provides warm sunny days with clear skies at this time.



Major attractions to explore in Korea:



Let us have a quick view at some of the major attractions of Korea that draws the attention of the viewers. Some of the top attractions of Korea are mentioned here:


Namsan Seoul Tower:



Namsan Seoul Tower, located at Namsan Mountain in the center of the city is  one of the most popular places to visit in Korea. The place is famous for its  nightscape view of the city. The tower comprises of a number of clubs, cafes and restaurants with best-in-class services offered. Visitors may travel to this place and enjoy the place with friends and family.



Bukchon Hanok Village:


Bukchon Hanok Village signifies the charm and beauty of traditional buildings of Korea. One can see a number of beautiful scenes and pieces of varied architecture here. In order to make the most of your trip, the passengers are suggested to see the "Eight Scenic Spots of Bukchon." Each of these eight locations is very unique in its own ways.


Namiseom Island:


The place is a popular tourist attraction. It is was originally a hilltop, but later Namiseom Island became an island after the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam, which elevated the  water level around it. The island is small in size so visiting this place does not take much of your time.


Changdeokgung Palace and Huwon:


Built in the early Joseon period, this palace has a combination of beautiful geographical and environmental features which makes this place is a dazzling beauty to be explore by all.


The Garden of Morning Calm:


The Garden of Morning Calm is a botanical garden that portraits the incredible natural beauty of Korea. There are a variety of theme gardens, flowerbeds, green pastures and walkaways. The place is famous for its enticing and marvellous beauty.



Popular Dishes to taste in Korea:



Bulgogi: This is a non veg dish comprising of roasted marinated meat, usually beef.


Galbi: Galbi is marinated grilled short ribs which is very popular among Korean people.


Samgyeopsal: This is pork belly which is a  popular non veg dish.



Galbitang : Galbitang is a soup that is taken along with dishes consisting of stewed ribs.


Bibimbap: This is a popular cuisine which means "mixed rice". The dish is rice mixed with meat, vegetables, and red pepper paste.


Naengmyeon: It is a famous Korean dish which comprises of cold noodles.

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