An Arab country in Western Asia, Jordan is surrounded by many countries around it. Bordered by Saudi Arabia to the east and the south, Syria to the North, Iraq to the north-east and Palestine and Israel to the west. Amman, which is the capital of Jordan is the most populous as well as the cultural political and economic center.
This country is classified as a country with an “upper middle income” economy and is known for its “high human development”. This place is a major tourist destination which attracts medical tourism because of its well-developed health sector.
The mountains of the Dead Sea and the highland above the Jordan valley are dominated by the Mediterranean climate. Although, high temperature is reached at the desert parts of Jordan, the heat has low humidity while the nights are cool.
Summers are hot and dry which lasts from May to September. They are dry and hot and the temperature averages around 32°C which sometimes exceed 40°C in the months of July and August. The winter lasts from November to March and is relatively cool with the average temperature of 13°C. you can experience frequent showers as well as occasional snowfalls in some western elevated areas.
Best time to visit Jordan:
In order to explore the place, the months of March and May are the best time to visit. A comfortable temperature is found in Amman which is 32°C in the months between June and September. The nights in Jordan Can droop to below freezing point from December to February. The temperature on the beaches of Aqaba and salty Dead Sea touch 40°C in July.
Best destinations in Jordan:
Amman: A blend of old and new: It is the largest and the capital city of Jordan which is a pot of new and old flavors and hold a lot of surprises for the visitors. The modern buildings blend with ancient cultures very well. Here, you can visit Jordan Museum, shopping malls, Jabal Amman for Art galleries and Abdoun for the terrific nightlife. You can also relax in one of the cafes of Amman or can also watch the sunset from Amman Citadel.
Mount Nebo- gorgeous view of the Barren valleys: It is one of the sacred sites to explore. Here Moses was laid to rest and this is the reason that this place has become famous for pilgrimage. The memorial of Moses is among the popular places.
Dead Sea: the world’s most thrilling place: It is located at the lowest point on Earth and is the most interesting place to visit in Jordan. Here, you can see a rich aquamarine color at the bottom of the sea. Plenty of beach resorts are available around the coastal road for a comfortable stay.

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