Most populous and the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the global city as well as the business hub of the Middle East. Being one of the major transport global hubs for cargo and passengers, it totally relies on the revenues from aviation, tourism, trade, financial services, and real estate. Just because of its sports events and construction projects, it has gained most of the attention of the world.
A hot desert climate is found in Dubai which is extremely windy, hot and humid. The average high temperature found in Dubai is 41°C but it lo around 30°C overnight in the hottest month of August. Sunny days can be found throughout the year. As compared to summers, winters are relatively cool with a temperature of 24°C and it lows to 14°C overnight. January is the coldest month. Summers in Dubai are known for the very high humidity level.
Top attractions in Dubai:
Deira Souk: There are a lot of Souks in Dubai but this is the ideal destination that is enjoyed by every tourist. Here, you can also witness the old architecture style. But the main is the variety of Gold which is displayed on the shop window. You can also buy this.
Dubai Aquarium: The Biggest Underwater Aquatic Zoo: This place is located in Dubai Mall and is considered as one of the largest aquaria in the world. If you want to have a better experience of your own by being a little adventurous. You can opt for shark diving activities and cage snorkeling and can create a long life experience.
Dubai Opera: A cultural and light-hearted Entertainment Venue: When we speak of entertainment, Dubai is a full store of popular tourist attractions. For music entertainment, Dubai Opera is a place that is worth a visit for night activity. You can find many comedy nights, opera shows, ballets, and even classical instrument plays.
Best time to visit Dubai:
You can take a visit to Dubai in the months of winters i.e. from November to April. But, if you really want to enjoy Dubai shopping festival, you need to explore this place in the months of January and February because in these months the city comes to life.
Famous Food to try in Dubai:
Tabbouleh: This is a salad which is made from green onion, cucumber, and tomatoes. It is seasoned lemon juice and fresh mint. These salads are distinguished all over Dubai.
Falafel: These are deep fried balls which are made up of fava beans and ground chickpeas. One of the typical Dubai food, people like to have it with any bread so that they can have an exceptional dining experience.
Shish Tawook: These are traditional bread which tastes yummy when they are sandwiched in bread. It can be served with pickles and fries. The dish is also served in India and Pakistan.

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